Review - Aloha Grill

In Tualatin, there is another restaurant that became a staple for those of us who wanted something different from time to time (usually once a week). Aloha Grill was that place. Nice traditional Hawaiian fare served up fresh from the wonderful kitchen. From Kahlua Pork to Loco-moco or Spamwichs, this place has the good stuff.

Today I had the Opihi Man Combo ($8.45). A nice sized portion of Kahlua Pork and Chicken Katsu, served with steamed rice and Mac Salad. The Chicken was crispy yet tender, and the the Kahlua Pork was as sweet and juicy as I have ever had. Add rice cooked to perfection and Mac Salad that never disappoints and you have the perfect lunch at a great price.

As always, food and atmosphere were great, and I look forward to my next visit to Fat Boy Heaven.