Cooking with Beer Wednesday: Beer-braised pork shanks with Gluten-Free Sirloin Gratin

Tonight I wanted to stretch myself a bit, so I found a couple recipes that I thought would go well together, and adapted them to our dietary needs. Since wheat does not agree with me, making recipes wheat and gluten free can sometimes be a struggle.  Using a gluten and wheat free flour substitute can change the flavor profile a bit.

I was afraid that doing the rue needed for the gratin (a fancier Mac and cheese using marscapone and parmesan cheeses) would stretch that to its limit, but it got rave reviews.

The seasoning in the braised pork added some great flavors as well.  The use of cinnamon and cloves in the braising liquid really deepened the flavor profiles with flavors that you don't usually find in a meat dish.  The kids didn't want to try it when they found out there was beer in the liquid, but Carrie asked for seconds, so I think it was pretty good.

Recipes can be found here.