Bacon night!: Bacon-cheeseburger Nachos

Kids wanted something different tonight, and I thought Bacon Cheeseburger Nacho's were a great sounding combo.

I took a pound of bacon diced before cooking, and 1 pound if 85/15 Ground Sirloin. I browned them up together to get the flavors combining a bit. I then took this mixture and put it over Fritos Scoops on a cookie sheet. I topped this with a pound of grated Tillamook Medium Cheddar and baked at 300 degrees until cheese was melted.
I love the scoops for nachos in place of traditional tortilla chips because they don't get soggy, an the meat and cheese settle into the bowl of the chip making them easier to eat.
There are no leftovers, so I think the kids agreed.