LunaTik LYNK - Turn your iPod into a great watch



LunaTik is a crazy little company. They started as a KickStarter project just after Apple announced the touch-screen Nano. They started out trying to raise $15k for this idea, and ended up raising over $1M. Now they have been able to bring several products to market, and even have been featured in an Apple keynote.
Which brings us to their newest product, the LYNK. $139.95 turns your iPod Nano into perhaps the best watch you've ever owned. Easily adjustable, with features no one else could dream of having in a watch. 16 watch faces. A design that bolts on to your iPod so you don't need to worry about it popping off, regardless of the activity. Built-in Nike+ training features. Carry music, audiobooks, podcasts, is truly a great watch. Check one out, you won't be disappointed.