Flavors of Fall: Oven roasted lamb with Baked Fall Sweet Potato Mix

I love fall.  Brisk mornings and moderate temperatures.  The smell of the heater kicking on for the first time in months.  Most of all, I love the comfort food that fall brings.  Especially the early fall, when we have a bounty of fresh vegetables and aren't afraid of the house getting too hot to roast them in a warm oven for dinner.  

Last night I decided I was in the mood for Lamb.  When I was at the Feast of Portland I ran into the folks from American Lamb, who were handing out samples of their Lamb Rub.  A wonderful mix of Rosemary, Mustard Seed, Sea Salt, Pepper and other spices that is the easiest preperation I have ever had for lamb.

I paired the lamb with a fall favorite around our house, what I call my Fall Sweet Potato Mix.  An oven-roasted mix of sweet potatoes, yams, and apples coated in seasoning salt and cinnamon.  Super simple and a delicious piece of Fat Boy Heaven.


Have your butcher butterfly and tie a leg of lamb (this removes the bone and trims up some of the fat)

Coat lamb roast with olive oil, then apply spice rub (as stated, I used American Lamb's 'Lamb Rub')

Roast in oven at 450 for 20 minutes and then reduce heat to 350 and continue to roast for 45-55 minutes or until internal temp reaches 140 degrees

Fall Sweet Potato Mix

3 medium Sweet Potatoes (yellow)

2 Large Yams (orange)

2 medium apples (I prefer a pie-crisp or Braeburn)

3 tablespoons cinnamon

2 tablespoons seasoning salt

1/8 cut olive oil


Preheat oven to 350

Cut vegetables up into equal sized chunks.  I usually trim the yam and slice it, then cut the slices in half or quarter them depending on how rough I want the texture to look.

Combine cut vegetables in a 1-gallon zip lock bag.

Add oil and shake to coat evenly

Add spices and shake until well coated

Arrange around meat or on baking sheet and bake until tender