Apple Special Announcement - The NEW iPad

Well, the event is over, and new products have been announced.

The new AppleTV came first.  Not a huge update, but good news none the less.  The AppleTV has been a long running hobby for Apple, and they are making some improvements.  1080P video (up from the 720P maximum before), a new interface that looks more like the home screen of an iOS device.  I was hoping for FaceTime with an integrated camera, but it did not come yet.  Once it does, Apple has reinvented the set-top box.  Apple just posted an update for the current AppleTV, so I will update you and let you know if the new interface comes to the "old" device.

The big news is the new iPad.  Same price, 4x graphics with the new A5x processor.  Full 1080P HD video with the new retina display, better cameras, 4G LTE internet with speeds up to 72 MB/sec.  They improved everything that has made the iPad stay ahead of the tablet game so far.

Also announced was iPhoto for iOS (no word on whether this will work with other devices), updates to iWork and iLife applications like garage band and iMovie.

Apple has now put the video up for you to watch here, and updates for all of your iDevices are available for update as well.