Review: iLuv iPad workstation

I got this in a few weeks ago, and have been using it to see how it works. I love the form factor. It reminds me of an old PC, Jr. - desktop form factors amazingly have a retro feel even though they are really not old enough for that label.
First, the sound quality is great, and volume is easily loud enough for any office or family room. The remote control gives great flexibility, and the keyboard locks into the base to save space when not needed. Since the iPad (it's compatible with all 3 models) docks with the workstation, no pairing is needed and interference is not a concern.
I have been using it with my original iPad as a home entertainment control for about a week, and am very happy with it in that roll. I can send video via AirPlay to my apple tv to share sound and video with the whole family, and it serves well as a tuner for my eyeTV that is served by a Mac mini.
While I had concerns over its ability to hold a place in my life, don't see myself giving it up soon.