Quick and Easy - Boneless Ribs and Baked Beans

Wanted something quick and easy for Dinner on Friday, and boneless pork country style ribs were on sale, so quess what we had for dinner?  This was supper easy to prep, but took some oven time.  I like boneless ribs fall-apart tender, so I cook them low and slow.  I took 3 cans of GF Baked beans (yes, some of them have wheat flour to thicken them!), and poured them into a roasting pan.  I then placed 5lbs of ribs on top and baked at 325 for 3 hours.  I then covered the ribs in Stubbs BBQ sauce and returned to the oven for 30 minutes for the sauce to bake onto the ribs.  Quick, simple, and all that pork fat made it a slice of fatboy heaven!