Restaurant Review - 60's Diner, Lincoln City, OR

The family went in to town today for lunch and decided to try the 60s diner. It actually was pretty good and they got a couple pretty large burgers on the menu I went with the three-quarter pound belly buster burger and I can tell you that it was plenty of food for me. The burger is three quarters of a pound of ground beef on a very large bun with all the toppings including Hanincot red onions lettuce tomato and her special sauce. As you can see from the pictures I was able to demolish it but the fries were just too much for me. Flavor of the burger was very very well prepared. Salt pepper and a little bit of seasoning was all that was needed to make this the perfect burger. So many times little restaurant like this try and add too much to the meat itself, and you wind up with a crumbly mess. To really put the size of this burger in proportion, behind it you'll see Carrie's double mushroom burger being dwarfed. The kids and in-laws raved about their hand dipped shakes, but Carrie wouldn't let me eat desert after that giant burger.
Next time you are out here, give this place a try if you are looking for a great burger. It is another little slice of Fat Boy Heaven!