On the road review: Brett Favre's Steak House

Brett Favre's shadow looms large over Green Bay, and nowhere more so than his own restaurant. A great taste of southern favorites not usually found here have made it a popular choice, and in this part of the country a steak is never out of place.

Service started out very good. My first drink was in my hand in about 5 minutes, and my order was in. Twenty minutes later I have a fresh drink, but still no sign of my appetizer.

Fifteen minutes later my crab cakes finally arrive with an explanation from a new waitress that the kitchen lost my ticket.
Crab cakes are definitely southern style. Nice chunks of celery, bell pepper and onion contrast with the almost creamy texture of the crab very well. Nice touch of Cajun seasoning gives you a little heat without beating you over the head with the spice.

After finishing the crab cakes my dinner arrived within five minutes, definitely showing that the service issues were with the kitchen, not the wait staff. My New York Strip was perfectly cooked to medium as ordered. A nice light hand with the seasoning brought out the flavor of the meat perfectly. The sweet potato was served with a wonderful compound butter of brown sugar, nutmeg, and butter that brought a wonderful sweetness to the meal, and complimented the steak wonderfully.

For dessert I went with the waitress' recommendation of Red Velvet Cake. Brett's Red velvet cake has dense buttercream in place of cream-cheese frosting that is more commonly found in the north. Buttercream is more traditional down south, and I had not had it on Red Velvet since I moved from Florida.

It is the small things that make the difference, and they definitely made this place a slice of Fat Boy Heaven instead of just another steakhouse.