On The Road Review: Skip's Diner

Skip's Diner

When I asked locals where to find the best burger in Green Bay I received two answers consistently, Kroll's West and Skip's Diner. I was then told that if I wanted to try Skip's to go early and bring cash.

When I arrived at Skip's Diner I was greeted by a sign informing me that debit and credit cards were not welcome. While it may seem old fashioned and out of touch, this told me that I was in the right kind of place. Skip's has great prices and a classic lunch counter menu.

Skip's Burger - 1/3lb angus patty, cheese, brat patty, and fried onions. With fries $5.85

Cheese curds - the Wisconsin national food, $2

This burger was amazing. I had never before had a brat patty, but I came to find the brat burger is found on many menus in Green Bay. The burger was perfectly cooked, and one of the five best I've ever eaten. Juicy and full of flavor, without all of the over seasoning so commonly found in small restaurants.

The cheese curds were perfectly fried and not greasy, a difficult accomplishment when breaking and frying cheddar cheese.

If you find yourself in Green Bay, Skip's Diner deserves a place on your dining schedule. This IS Fat Boy Heaven folks.