Apple Special Announcement - New iPhone and iPods

This morning Apple held an event to announce new products, and the only thing that wasn't already reported by rumor sites like AppleInsider and MacRumors was the new iPod Nano that was was announced.  Here is the run down of todays announcements:

1. iPhone 5 - The new iPhone 5 will be available for pre-order starting Friday, 9/14.  22% Lighter, 20% Thinner, wit han improved camera and worldwide LTE cellular data starting at $199 for the 8GB model.  The pictures that leaked over the last several weeks proved accurate, with some of them looking suspiciously like those that now adorn Apple's website.  Here's the iPhone lineup shipping 9/21:

iPhone 4 - 8GB - Free with contract

iPhone 4s - 16GB - $99 with contract

iPhone 5 - 16GB - $199 with contract

iPhone 5 - 32GB - $299 with contract

iPhone 5 - 64GB - $399 with contract

2. iPod Touch 5th Generation - This wasn't leaked as well, but was expected by many.  Featuring the same 4" screen as the new iPhone, the new iPod Touch has a processor upgrade to Apple's A5 chip, is thinner, lighter, and features an improved camera.  The 32GB iPod Touch is $299, 64GB iPod Touch is $399.  New iPods are available for pre-order on Friday, 9/14 and will ship in October.

3. iPod Nano 7th Generation - This one wasn't even hinted at by the rumor sites.  Many of us expected a new Nano, as a new design has been released every year for the last several years.  The suprise is that instead of getting smaller as it has over recent years, the Nano has now grown again to a 2.5" screen.  Resembling nothing more than a miniturized iPhone, the new Nano fetures multi-touch, a built in pedometer and fitness applications, FM Tuner with Digital Audio Recording (allowing you to pause and rewind radio), and for the first time in the Nano history Bluetooth.  These will also ship in October, 16GB for $149.