New rugged tablet trying to come to market - Meet Earl!

This is one of the most promising crowd-funded projects I've seen in a while.  The concept is a rugged e-ink based tablet, which is able to charge fully in 5 hours of sunlight.  The e-ink will keep power usage low, extending runtime to an awesome 20 hours between charges.  This thing is loaded with features and is almost ready for production, they just need some pre-orders to get them there. With a backer price of $249, this could be a huge hit for those who love the outdoors.  Check it out at the link below:

Earl - Backcountry Survival Tablet:

Meet Earl, a revolutionary tablet engineered for the most extreme of outdoor situations. Built for survival, Earl works where today's smart phones and tablets cannot. Style meets efficiency with Earl's intuitive design, fusing Android 4.1 together with an energy sipping E-Ink screen and the latest in GPS, weather sensor, and radio communication technology. With Earl at your side, stay in control of your journey no matter where it takes you.