Special Event: #XboxReveal

Today the Xbox team from Microsoft took the stage to set the timeline for the next generation of living-room entertainment.

Their solution - XBOX ONE

Leveraging their work with Kinect, the system recognizes you and your voice, removing the need for logging in to your gamer tag.  

Fast voice control using what they call "Instant Switching", demo looking very cool.  It will also interact with WindowsPhone 8 devices and use them as remote controls using their SmartGlass system.  

Leveraging Skype for video calls, which can be used at the same time as the other apps in what they are calling "Snap Mode".  Simply saying "Xbox, snap "application name" which will bring it up along side whatever you are doing.


x86 architecture, 8GB RAM, USB 3.0, Blue-Ray drive, Wi-Fi Direct, 64-Bit, variable power states

Kinect leveraging USB 3.0 to stream 3Gb/sec of audio visual data to speed response.  Sensors are sensitive enough to read heart rate while using exercise applications.



3 operating systems:

1. Xbox OS

2. Windows Kernel

3. Custom switching OS to bridge the two kernels

New Xbox Live system will include personal DVR to record all game play, and allow you to save and share the recordings including a built-in video editing suite.


Developer support:

EA announcing new strategic partnership, more details coming soon (probably at E3).  New "Ignite" game engine for sports titles.  10x animation depth and detail, dubbed "True Player Motion".  Video demo from EA looks insanely realistic.

Microsoft studios was up next, showing off Forza Motosports 5.  Again the graphics look great.  Will be available at launch.  Huge emphasis on gaming experience and multi-player.

Trailers for other games were shown as well, concluding with the trailer for "Modern Warfare: Ghosts", which looked amazing.


Microsoft promises more details at E3 in 20 days, so stay tuned, this looks like it could knock Sony's PS4 announcement out of the water.