Kickstarter Project to watch - nuplug

Kickstarter has allowed many great ideas to become reality in the last year or so, and this is a project that I would love to see work for the creator.  The concept is pretty ingenious.  An extension cord with USB and power outlets, but with a twist - it will clamp onto a solid surface to hold it in place.  This will help clean up the rats nest of cords most of us have by our couches and bedsides as well.

Watch the video and consider helping this guy out.  I think this will be a hit, but there are only four days left in the campaign and he still needs $14K to get it backed.


nuplug™ the most convenient outlet for your smart-devices by Michael Carpanzano — Kickstarter:

Get ready for a much more comfortable and convenient way to continue using your smart-devices while they are charging.  nuplug™ is an intuitive and functional solution for many of your power related needs, and with your support, we can make it available for everyone.