First Look: Scrolls, the latest from the minds that brought us MineCraft

Today Scrolls, the latest game from the folks at Mojang who brought us MineCraft hit open BETA, giving everyone a chance to learn gameplay and strategy before the game goes world-wide in general release.  Gameplay is based on collectable card games such as Magic: The Gathering, but has some unique twists and strategy that will make it fresh and exciting.  I got my login for the beta this afternoon, and am taking this break to give you all a look!

Gameplay starts with customizing your game deck.You start by customizing your deck.  The minimum legal deck size is 50 cards, and you get a full deck from one of the three factions to start.  As you complete games versus the AI you earn gold, which can be used to buy additional cards, and allowing you to customize your deck in myriads of ways.  You also can trade cards with other players, giving you additional options to create a winning and powerful deck.

Once you have assembled your deck, to can play a quick game, or compete in trialsGameplay then begins, with quick play games to practice, and then trial scenarios allow you to win gold to use for purchasing more cards.  Gameplay is pretty simple to follow, but infinitely complex to master.  Each player has their own side of the board, and each row has an idol which you need to protect.  Once you get past the enemies and destroy three of the other players idols, you have won the game.  Likewise, if three of your idols fall, you are defeated.

When you win a game, you are awarded gold based on several criteriaOnce you win a game, awards and statistics are presented for your review.  Your ranking is based on how well you do against other players, not the computer.  The more you play, the more you increase your stats and improve your ranking.  One word of warning, the tutorial makes this game look very easy, but once you complete it the difficulty goes up incrementally.

As I get deeper into the game I will post updates, but this should give you a decent idea of what Mojang is up to.


Mojang — Makers of Minecraft:

Scrolls is in open beta! On-sale now!