Review: Jerseys from Geeky

A few months ago I came across a hockey jersey design by an artist named Dave Deslisle, and in looking at his website found that he had worked with the folks at Geeky Jerseys to bring some of his designs for hockey jerseys to market.  That led me to contact them about some of the other great designs they had currently and previously.  

They will typically offer a design for 2-4 weeks (until they reach a minimum number for production) and then it takes 4-6 weeks for production before they ship to buyers.  It seems like a long time in the internet age, but once you get your hands on one of these jerseys and see the quality that goes into custom making every patch and then sewing the entire jersey together you will understand the time it takes to make these jerseys appear on your doorstep.

I can tell you that this jersey is of a higher quality material and better stitching than the official NFL jerseys I have from Nike and Reebok.  Sizing is accurate and a little roomy, running about a half-size big.  While these jerseys are not cheap, you will not be sorry that you spent the $99 for this purchase.

I have a couple more on their way over the next week or so, so we'll see if all of their product has this same level of quality, but unless proven otherwise I strongly recommend the quality and workmanship of their product.