Kickstarter Project: Geek A Week Year Five Two

For several years artist Len Peralta has been drawing Geek trading cards in his "Geek-A-Week" series.  It started as paintings which were published on his website, and then ThinkGeek actually printed up and sold the first series.  Since then he has relied on KickStarter to fund additional expansion, and he is getting ready to start on his 4th set, titled Year Five Two.  I've long been a fan of Peralta's work, and have all of the cards printed so far, so when I got an email from him today announcing this project's release I had to get it out to all of you.  Follow the link below and take a look at his work, the new designs, and the rewards available.  Len is a very talented artist who has done a lot to help further the advancement of Geek culture with the campy style of this painting series.

Geek A Week: Year Five Two by Len Peralta — Kickstarter:

Help artist Len Peralta create 52 brand new Geek A Week cards! Another full year! New design, new geeks!