iPhone 7 plus Cases are taking over my life!

In less than a month I've already been sent eight cases to review for the iPhone 7 plus, and I can only guess how many more will come before the end of the year.  From clear TPU cases to leather and hard rubber durable portfolio cases they vary widely in material, level of protection, and price points but they will all provide some level of protection for your new phone. 



SaharaCase Protective Kit Bundle

The SaharaCase bundle includes not only a clear TPU case but also comes with a tempered glass screen protector.  They even go so far as to provide a clip on guide that makes sure that the screen protector goes on straight and perfectly aligned.  While not the most durable material, the combination of the TPU and tempered glass on the screen makes for a pretty good solution for the $21.99 that Amazon is asking for the kit.  I actually received this before the phone launch and had it with me when I picked up my phone at the Apple Store and it impressed the sales staff at the store with how easy it made application of the screen protector.

Encased iPhone 7 plus belt clip case


The iPhone 7 plus belt clip case from Encased is pretty impressive for the $11.80 that Amazon is charging.  The soft touch hard rubber case has a kickstand that pops out to prop your phone up on any solid surface, and the belt clip case is lined with micro fiber cloth to cushion and protect your screen when secured.  It wraps more than a quarter inch around the edge to ensure a good hold.  This is a good case for the money, I just don't like the length of the motion needed to slide the case in and out of the clip mechanism.

iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Card Case, ProCase


The iPhone 7 plus wallet card case from ProCase is as bare bones as a case can get.  Thin molded hard plastic with a slot to hold a single credit card or ID, this case offers the bare minimum of protection.  It will protect the metal of your phone but nothing else.  For $11.99 most buyers won't expect much more but compared to the belt clip case from encased this is almost over priced.

JACK SPADE Cell Phone Case for Apple iPhone 7 Plus - Fulton Tan / Navy


The Jack Spade color-block case is constructed of hard TPU wrapped in quality leather.  It adds a little bulk to the phone but is just thick enough that it sets out from the back far enough to protect the camera lens and sets off from the front to prevent the screen from hitting if it lands flat on the front.  It is decent quality leather and feels good in the hand.  I don't know if it feels worth the $39.99 price tag, but it is of a higher quality than the no-name brands.