New product review: Dutch Bros. - Blue Rebel Energy Drink

For a while now, Dutch Bros. Coffee has been selling flavor infused Red Bull Energy Drinks, and selling quite a few of them.  Now, Dutch Bros. is ready to release their new energy drink, Blue Rebel.  With the slogan "Get up early.  Stay up late.  Change the world.", and working with Portland Bottling Company, they have come up with something great here.  

The flavor profile will instantly remind you of that other blue-canned energy drink, but life is made better by the subtle differences.  While it comes onto the pallet strong and with a high sour/acid feel, it leaves much cleaner.  The flavor stays with you a bit, but the acid after taste of Red Bull is gone, leaving you ready for the next drink.  While I would prefer a stronger natural fruit flavor to the sharp bite of citric acid that starts your taste of this drink, it is not as harsh as others I have tried.  I haven't tried an infusion drink yet, having been provided just a few samples of the canned beverage, but I expect that the smoothed out finish will really enhance the pairing with fruit flavored Italian soda flavors that have done so well for them in the past.  

I look forward to trying them on Monday when the drink is officially released.