Review: Cafejo "My French-Press"

The first french-press to use K-cups, and the cheapest keurig brewer on the marketI had the opportunity to get ahold of the Cafejo My French-Press, and I am impressed.  Taking the flexibility and ease of use of both a Keurig Coffee maker and a traditional french-press and merging them into a handy and portable gadget, this is a great coffee maker for anyone short on space or money.  There are several things that make this actually better than a Keurig, the most desireable of which is the ability to use any liquid (including spirits and milk) at any temperature.  Since many traditional coffee makers brew too hot and scorch coffee, and while wide ranging, K-Cups for Keurig brewers have limited variety the My French-Press really is the best of both worlds.  Pick this up using the link above from Amazon, you won't be sorry.