Product Review: Senta Ally Bluetooth Speaker from C. Crane

The Senta Ally from the C. Crane Company is an amazing speaker at a great priceA few weeks ago I recieved the Senta Ally Bluetooth Portable Stereo Speaker from C. Crane, and I have to tell you, this blows any other portable bluetooth speaker I have tried out of the water.  I love music and audio books, and listen to both from my iPhone all the time.  I have been looking for a way to listen wirelessly for some time, and have tried quite a few speakers, but none have the range of sound and richness of tone that this one has.  

I use it via bluetooth only, but it has quite a few other features.  Like others in this category it has a microphone which allows it to be used as a speaker phone, but also includes an FM tuner with 99 presets, the ability to listen to MP3 files from either an SD card or via USB, and an aux in jack to connect your MP3 player.  All of these are great, but it is the sound quality that makes this the best on the market.

C. Crane Company has been in business for a lot of years, and are known throughout the amateur radio community as the go-to place for electronics gear.  This speaker is no different.  Room filling clean sound, loud enough to be heard over the shower, and yet enough battery life to last all night when falling asleep to your favorite music.

Trust me, if you are in the market for a bluetooth speaker avoid the Bose hype and Jawbone or Beats prices.  For $69.95 this is the one to buy.

Review: Triple C Designs "greenBoom" Portable speaker

I recieved this months sampler from BirchBox, and was pleased to find that I recieved this small portable speaker form Triple C Designs.  A small 2" cube that packs a decent wallop for such a small speaker.  Carrie and the kids were amazed at the sound volume and quality as well.  For $29 you aren't goinf to find a better marriage of form and function to pump your toons around the house or the yard this spring and summer.  Check this thing out folks, you won't be sorry.

Triple C Designs Portable Speaker | April's Box | Birchbox:

Triple C Designs Portable Speaker