Durable replacements for your disposable cups

One of the great things about the internet and modern technology is the ability for quick-moving smaller companies to bring pop-culture icons to market quickly and well constructed.  Along those lines, the Amazon Fairy delivered a couple of nice surprises Saturday, and I’m just getting a chance to post pictures.

First, an image that will be familiar to anyone who has visited New York City, or ever seen a TV show or movie set there: the iconic “Anthora” coffee cup.  The New York City Coffee Cup is world-famous, and instantly recognizable to anyone who has watched american TV or movies in the last 40 years.  Originally introduced in the Mid-1960’s this cup, called “The Anthora Cup” by it’s designer Leslie Buck, sells hundreds of millions every year.  Now the fine folks at wearehappytoserveyou.com have brought a ceramic version to market, and it exceeds the original in every way.  Better insulated, permanent, and a lasting reminder of NYC.  My darling wife already claimed it, so I may need to order on for myself now.

Red “Solo” Cup - now made permanent!

Another iconic cup, this time for cold beverages, has risen in popularity with the arrival of Beer Pong to the global stage.  I can’t think of a single party when I was in high school or college that did not feature this cup with prominence.  Now the Red “Solo” Cup is available in melamine (a very durable plastic used in a variety of places), so you no longer need to waste money buying new cups for your parties (but it will increase the cleanup).

A ceramic “Red Solo Cup”? What would Toby Keith think?

For a little bit more, the same iconic “Red Solo Cup” can be had in an even more permanent ceramic version as well.  While the weight may confuse some people, their joy at recieving this as a gift is sure to be great.