Review - Buffalo Wild Wings (Tanasbourne)

Friday night Carrie, Andrew and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  As always, I love the atmosphere in that place.  Huge screens to watch any game that is on essentially wallpaper the room, adding a nice game-day feel.

Fried Pickles - awesome starterWe started with Fried Pickles as an appetizer.  Nice crispy breading gave way to a still crisp yet warm pickle inside.  Perfectly cooked, great flavor.  When done right this is one of my favorite bar foods, and BWW did it right.

I love wings, but wanted a litte variety, so I went with the Ribs & Wings combo.  I was going for flavor and not planning on drinking more than a single beer, so I went with the Garlic Parmesian sauce for my wings. Rather than normal fries I upgraded to their signature Buffalo Chips, a cross between a fry and a potato chip that was cooked to crispy perfection.  

Essentially a kicked-up creamy Cesar dressing, the Garlic-Parm is usually well executed at BWW.  This visit was no exception, and the creamy spice of the garlic sauce made the wings great.

The ribs, however, were a disappointment.  Nice thick cuts, but little flavor and overcooked.  I love a good rib, but a bad rib drives me crazy, especially in a restaurant that should know better.  I tried to take a bite, and ended up with most of the meat coming off and falling to the plate.  A well-cooked rib should yeild to the bite, but stay on the bone.  It can happen sometimes trying to time several orders properly, but it was still a disappointment.  A great looking plate, but mixed bag of flavors

The lack of flavor cannot be excused though.  This is a chain whose bread and butter are great sauces, but the wasn’t even a trace of BBQ on these ribs.  It’s almost as if the forgot to add and seasoning or sauce to the ribs at all.  No dry rub, no sauce, no smoke……completely un-compelling.

Overall it was a good night, and great chance to spend time with our son, but definately not a heavenly meal.