Holiday Gift Guide - Unique Gift ideas

This holiday there are a lot of different ideas for gifts. One of the most unique I think are subscription services.  Gone are the days of fruit-of-the-month club, today's subscriptions are a whole new game.  From deliveries of personal grooming products, to movie subscriptions for theater tickets, there is something for everyone on your holiday gift list.

The Birchbox

Each month, you'll receive a selection of samples that they’ve tried (and retried) themselves. The women’s subscription includes everything from skincare to makeup, as well as fun non-beauty extras. The men’s subscription delivers top-tier grooming products in addition to lifestyle accessories ranging from hip socks to tech accessories. Check out the ever growing list of products in their Women’s Shop and Men’s Shop. For $20/month it is a great way to get variety of new products into the hands of those people you know who you can never buy for.


MoviePass is just getting started, but it is an intriguing concept.  For $35/month you receive the ability to see a new movie everyday.  Simply go to the theater and select a movie and showtime using the MoviePass App. Check-in at the theater to load your MoviePass membership card (You must be within 100 yards of the theater to successfully check in). Then use your MoviePass membership card to purchase your ticket at the theater kiosk and enjoy the show!  You are limited only in that you can not see the same movie twice, and IMAX and 3D movies are not included.  For the movie lover on your list this is a homerun.  You can find more information and sign up here.


For the dog owner in your life there is Barkbox.  Each month, your dog will receive his own box of treats and goodies to play with, making for much less boredom (and therefore, less furniture destruction) around the house. $25/month, and can be found here.

The great thing about all of these services is that you can send digital gift notices, so it is a great last-minute gift idea as well.  Of the three BarkBox is the only one I haven't used yet, but they are all great ideas for your holiday giving.