Review - Midnight Moon's Cherry Moonshine

With the rise of Whiskey in America, many people have renewed their family traditions in Moonshine.  In May of 2007, moonshine and racing legend Junior Johnson became part owner of Piedmont Distillers and together they introduced Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon. It is based on the Johnson family’s generations-old moonshine recipe. It is also born in a copper still, made from corn, crafted in small batches and triple distilled.

Midnight Moon's Cherry Moonshine is a nice, smooth whiskey.  The strong cherry flavor comes from cherries not just being used in the distillation, but whole cherries being added to the finished bottling.  This combination brings the most fruit flavor to the drink, in addition to imparting great color.  The taste of cherry layers nicely under the slight carmel flavor of the corn whiskey made to the Johnson Family recipe.

This is a very nice whiskey.  It doesn't have the complexity of an aged bourbon or scotch, but moonshine has a solid place both in American folk lore and drinking history.  It will make a great addition to any liquor cabinet (and any bottle of cola).