Dinner Tonight: Shredded Beef Sandwiches

Chuck roast was on sale at the store this week, so I picked up about a 4 pound package.  I was looking for a new way to do it for dinner tonight, and found a great shredded beef recipe here.  

The beef was tender and juicy like I couldn't believe, and the family raved that I should do them again soon.  The tanginess of the vinegar married amazingly well with the other spices to give this an amazing flavor.  A couple words of advice:  First, I used Apple Cider vinegar instead of white.  It changes the flavor, but mellows out the flavors in my opinion, especially when combined with the brown sugar.  Second, bread choice is going to be critical to this recipes success.  When it says "Hoagie Bun" it isn't talking about some sandwich bun next the the hamburger buns on the shelf at Safeway.  You need a nice crusty roll that is going to hold the juice from this meat without soaking through or melting, while still absorbing the liquid so it doesn't all end up on you.  Resist temptation to dress this up with cheese or other sauces and let it stand on it's own.  I could see some sliced pickled peppers on this as a garnish and to add texture, but nothing else would feel right on this bun.

This was a great western take on the Italian beef sandwiches I remember from living back east, and it will be a regular on our menu here at home.  I can see doing this one when we go camping this summer in the dutch oven over the fire.  An amazing meal.