Ben & Jeff's Burgers and Tacos


We stopped after some time in Pacific City for some ice cream, and I decided to head across the street for a burger at Ben & Jeff's.
A classic beach front burger place, the restaurant is something straight from a California boardwalk. A menu that is exactly that what one would expect in this type of place. A very simple selection of burgers, tacos and burritos leave selections quick and easy.
I opted for the "Double Cheese with Bacon", and was pleased with my selection. The burger was seasoned with a properly light touch to prevent obstruction of the meats flavor. Nice and juicy without soaking through the bun, and topped with onions, pickles, and their own sauce, it is an order I will make again. The fries were perfectly crisp without being over salted like I would have expected, and have found in similar burger joints.
I you find yourself in Pacific City, OR this summer you'll want to stop in.