Review: iSteve

Let me start by saying that in the first 10 minutes this movie revealed itself to be the dumbest telling of the Steve Jobs story it is possible to make.  While boasting an all-star cast( Justin LongJorge Garcia, the writing is attrocious, and liberties were taken with the story that will have all of geekdom up in arms.

From Wozniak being an overweight outcast who could barely talk to Steve Jobs and was constantly the third-wheel in every conversation, to Bill Gates opening MicroSoft in Palo Alto across the street from Apple there is not a historically acurate detail to be found.  While I respect the time honored tradition of parody in the american ethos, to be called a parody I think humor is required and if this is supposed to be funny it falls woefully short of it's mark.

Let's hope the world fails to recognize this movies coming