Review: Fila's Skele-toes Virtuous Running Shoes

A few years ago Vibram released a line of what they coined "Finger Shoes", lightweight minimalist shoes that allow for total freedom of movement including seperation of your toes.  They feel like you are barefoot, and people who wear them swear by them.

Enter Fila, who in 2011 released their Skele-Toes.  They successfully countered a lawsuit from Vibram by pointing out that by using their four toe "Easy Slide" design they were not in violation of Vibrams patent for "FiveFinger" articulating shoes.

Now Fila is trying to inovate again, combining the four toed "Easy Slide" design with a traditional running shoe sole.  Called the Men's Fila Skele-toes Virtuous Running Shoes, they are hoping they are the next wave of comfortable shoes.  As you can see from the pictures above it makes for a unique design.  The downside is a shoe that loses the best part of a barefoot shoe, it's light weight and barefoot feel.

I didn't mind the fit, and the extra cushion was comfortable for an extended day on my feet at my high school reunion this weekend.  However I found myself wishing I had worn my earlier model light-weight skele-toes.

Some might prefer the extra cushion and support, but I am going back to the originals.