Amazon Kindle Touch WiFi+3G

I've now had almost a week with the Kindle Touch, and I have to say, it is my favorite Kindle yet.  No more worrying about hitting the buttons and turning the page by accident.  No more arguments about which version of the Kindle had the best buttons.  A touch screen was needed for a long time, and now we finally have it.

When I review ebook readers (and I have posted reviews at various locations since the RCA REB1100), I like to get through a full book before I say anything about the device.  It takes time to get in the habit of something new, and snap decisions are not what someone who loves books is looking for in a review.

The Kindle Touch disappears in your hand while you read.  I'm not sure where in the process it happened, but touching the corner of the book like I would do with a normal book to start turning the page felt natural.  Page changes were quick and without as much 'flash' as previous generation eInk devices.  The contrast seems better as well, but I think I have said that about every generation of eInk displays, and I know that everyone looks at them differently.

What I have to say though, is for me, this is THE ebook reader.  For long-form reading, I won't use anything else....until the next new thing drags me away I guess.