Fat Boy Heaven: Kenny & Zuke's Delicatessen

Display case with hand-made specialties like Knish

One of the best places in Portland for a casual night out is Kenny & Zuke's Delicatessen on SW Stark at 11th in the heart of downtown. Mile high sandwiches and the best pastrami in the state can be found along side deli favorites like bagels, lox, knish, and latkes that remind me of my dad's kitchen growing up.

The counter for to-go orders

My wife and family had already ordered the signature pastrami cheese fries when I arrived, and they were almost gone. A large portion of perfectly cooked fries topped with a mound of crumbled pastrami and covered in cheddar make this a meal in itself, but we were just getting started.

It is a bit of a cold evening, so latkes were on my order tonight, along with a side of flat-top fried pastrami. I love bacon, but it would be banished from my kitchen if I had a never ending supply of that pastrami in it's place.
The latkes were perfect, a nice mixture of potato and onion with just enough matzo meal and egg to hold it together to look much like a crab cake. The fresh sour cream and home-made apple sauce completed the plate in traditional fashion.

Grilled Pastrami

If you have not yet had the pleasure of sampling the traditional fare at Kenny & Zuke's, you owe it to yourself and your taste buds to give it a try.  It really is a little piece of fatboyheaven.