On the Road Review: Kroll's West - Green Bay

The Butter Burger....freaking amazing!

A Ruben Pizza?!?

When you step into Kroll's West, it feels like stepping back in time. It looks like it must have when the stadium was built. This place has been featured twice on The Travel Channel's Man v. Food, and it is easy to see why.

Kroll's Butter burger was a thing of beauty. Creaminess of the fresh butter on the beef was amazing. Brought out tightly wrapped in wax paper just like it was 40 years ago, you can tell that tradition is vital to this place as much as it is to this town.

Ruben pizza unique, but flavor just not quite there. I think I was missing the spicy bite of rye, and the dressing didn't quite have the zip of a good Russian dressing.

It is easy to see why Kroll's is still a fixture in this town. In a town known for its food, this place is truly a slice of fatboy heaven.