Preston's Food Truck

The Columbus Commons weekly food truck festival includes quite a few great tastes from the Columbus food scene, with a rotating roster of trucks. 


Today I gave Preston's a try, and am glad I did. I ordered a Preston double with salt and vinegar fries.


The fries were perfectly double fried giving them a great crisp. The vinegar was a bit heavy, but they were good. The highlight though was the burger. Well seasoned, with perfect temp and a great crunch. It was traditionally dressed with shredded lettuce, pickles, ketchup and mayo.

This was probably the best burger I've had in Columbus, and it won't be the last time I grab one from them this summer.

Dinner Time - King's Hawaiian Baked Ham & Swiss Sandwiches

I was looking for dinner ideas and ran across some posts on Pinterest about doing these sandwiches and though I'd give them a try.  The flavor profile is amazing!  My daughter swears there was pinapple, but alas there was none.  The cheese melted thoroughly and the butter soaked rolls crisped up extremely well.  A little messy in the hand, but well worth having to hold a napkin close at hand.  Give this one a try folks, this is Fat Boy Heaven right here!

King's Hawaiian Baked Ham & Swiss Sandwiches


 12 Sandwiches
 15 minutes
 40 minutes


    • 1 12 pack of King’s Hawaiian Original Rolls
    • 3/4 lb. deli ham, shaved
    • 1/2 lb. Swiss cheese, thinly sliced
    • 1 1/2 sticks butter
    • 3 tablespoons Stone Ground deli mustard
    • 1 1/2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
    • 3 teaspoons of poppy seeds
    • 1 onion, chopped


    1. Heat oven to 350. Melt butter and mix in mustard, Worcestershire sauce, onion and poppy seed. Simmer for several minutes.
    2. Cut the entire pack of rolls in half, horizontally (keeping all top and bottom halves in tact).
    3. In a greased 9×13 pan, place bottom half of rolls and spread 1/3 of the onion mixture over the bottom of the rolls followed by the ham and cheese.Spread 1/3 of onion mixture over the bottoms of the rollsLayer ham and cheese evenly over bottoms
    4. Replace the tops of the rolls and spread the remaining onion mixture over top.
    5. Cover and bake for 15-20 minutes and, once finished, separate for serving.Ready to cut apart and serve!

Food cart Review: Retrolicious

The Retrolicious Cart

I love good food, and love comfort food even more.  So when the guys told me that there was a new cart in the parking lot of my my old employer at Triangle Pointe in Tigard, I decided to visit them for lunch and see it for myself.

Featuring "Scratch Made Classics", Retrolicious is comfort food done right.  Their signature sandwhich seems to be a creation they call "The Jethro".  Roasted pork, bacon, BBQ sauce, coleslaw, and cheese on a toasted roll is an amazing sandwich.  Served with potato chips for $7, it is also a great value for the time put into the preperation that goes into this thing.  The pork is slow roasted, the bacon crispy, and the slaw a perfect contrast.  If there weren't so many other great items on the menu I would eat this happily every week.  Fortunately for all of us, there are plenty of other great items on the menu.

"The Jethro" is worth tracking this cart downFrom meatloaf sandwichs and dinners to fried chicken with mashed potatoes, pimento mac and cheese to homemade soups the hits keep on coming from this wonderful cart.  I'm just hoping to catch the chicken and waffles next time....I hear it's the best in town.

the Meatloaf Dinner

Fried Chicken Dinner

My lunch: The Jethro with a side of Pimento Mac and Cheese

Retrolicious can be found around town throughout the week.  Check out this piece of FatBoy won't be sorry.

On the Road Review: Kroll's West - Green Bay

The Butter Burger....freaking amazing!

A Ruben Pizza?!?

When you step into Kroll's West, it feels like stepping back in time. It looks like it must have when the stadium was built. This place has been featured twice on The Travel Channel's Man v. Food, and it is easy to see why.

Kroll's Butter burger was a thing of beauty. Creaminess of the fresh butter on the beef was amazing. Brought out tightly wrapped in wax paper just like it was 40 years ago, you can tell that tradition is vital to this place as much as it is to this town.

Ruben pizza unique, but flavor just not quite there. I think I was missing the spicy bite of rye, and the dressing didn't quite have the zip of a good Russian dressing.

It is easy to see why Kroll's is still a fixture in this town. In a town known for its food, this place is truly a slice of fatboy heaven.

Food Cart Review: Altengartz German Brand Bratwurst

I met a buddy in downtown Portland for lunch today, and since it wasn't raining we decided to hit the food carts at Portland's oldest food cart pod, on Alder Street.  For those outside Portland the concept may be foreign, but here food carts gather like teens at the mall on a Saturday afternoon.  Large groups can be found at several locations around town, but Alder Street is the oldest and largest to be found.

We made the loop of the full city block that is the Alder Street pod getting samples of foods that looked interesting to us.  I spotted a Green Bay helmet magnet through the window of a little Brat cart, and sampled one of the best Bratwurst I have ever tasted.  My mind was made up.

Since wheat and gluten were out, all I needed to do was get my brat with kraut sans bun and I was set.  George Wittkopp, the owner of Altengartz was quick to accommodate my request, and soon the smell of a brat frying with kraut filled the air.

The flavor was amazing.  A nice deep brown on the ends showed a well seasoned grill had been used, and the blend of spices was perfect.  George told me that Carlton Farms was making his sausages for him from his own recipe, and that old-world flavor shone through perfectly.  The sign of a good Brat is the lack of need to use condiments, and this one sure fit the bill.  I ate it as served and was not at all disappointed.

If you want more information on Altengartz Bratwurst, their website can be found at

Definately a little piece of Fat Boy Heaven.