On the Road Review: Champion's Bar and Grill

Nice clean bar next to my hotel and easy walking distance from Lambeau. The restaurant became a local sensation when it was featured on Man v. Food on The Travel Channel.

Their claim to fame is a 6lb burger named "the Gravedigger" after fan favorite Gilbert Brown, a member of the '96 Superbowl winning team.

I was not eating for 6-8 people tonight, so I went with the other fan favorite here, the Brat Burger.

A 1/3 pound angus patty topped with a patty formed from a brat, onions and cheese, the brat burger is a staple of local bars, and while ok, this one does not measure up to the one I had at Skip's Diner earlier in the week. It was well cooked and seasoned, but nothing special.

Service was slow in a nearly empty bar, and the food could be found in nearly any bar in America. A decent bar to pass the time of an evening. But the food won't be dragging you back. Come on down if The Grave Digger challenge intrigues though, it must be something to see.