Restaurant Review - Humble Pie Pizza - Lincoln City, OR

We were in town today, and the kids decided they wanted pizza for lunch. We spotted a small place called Humble Pie on the side of the road and decided to give it a try.
We were greeted at the counter by Ken, the owner. His warm welcome and great sense of humor were appreciated, and the menu exactly what you would expect to find in any pizza joint.
When our half pepperoni, half Italian pizza arrived it was awesome. A nice thick yet crunchy crust was topped with just the right amount of sauce. A healthy amount of cheese with quality meat rounded out both sides of this great pie.
The crust had a good balance of yeast that allowed it to be thick without too much chew.
Give Humble Pie a try next time you hit Lincoln City, you won't regret it. It is a slice of Fat Boy Heaven.

Finally - Delivery Pizza that I can eat!

Domino's Pizza this week released a Gluten-Free pizza, and I had to give it a try when the kids started begging for pizza tonight.  Normally I get them pizza and eat a sandwich, but tonight I got pizza too!  The crust is very similar to their normal thin crust.  It's a little more chewy than that crust, but has a great flavor and consistancy.  While I will continue to miss a nice doughy, yeasty crust this is better than nothing....

Dominos is quick to point out when ordering that there is a chance of cross contamination (none of their restaurants have seperate kitchens and dishes to prevent it), so those of you with Celiac or sever gluten issues should be careful, but for those of us with wheat allergies, I can attest that I had none of the problems I would have with any other pizza.  Definately worth a try if you have the craving.