Dirty Oscars brings bar brunch to a new level

Having brunch at Dirty Oscars, and if you like food you gotta check these guys out.Rich, silky chorizo broth with shrimp and grits that were pefectly prepared.


This old street side bar in West Tacoma is bringing its A game when it comes to brunch, and I'm happy to say it's best id's far better than anything else I've had in the area.  The grits were perfectly cooked, soft and creamy.  The velvety smooth broth was crafted with just the right amount of butter to enhance the texture.  Mixing chorizo and bacon into a traditionally southern recipe like this was a gamble that paid off big.

If you wake up in Tacoma looking for brunch after a long night on the town or a concert asst the dome, head west and find parking.

Kickstarter Project: Stackerware

I stumbled across this great project on  KickStarter tonight, and they are in need in help to get their project off the ground.

The idea is fairly simple:  easily stackable food storage containers in three sizes (16, 24, and 32oz) with interchangeable lids.  A couple of things set this project apart from others on the market:  first is a patent pending storage system with hooks that allows for a wide range of storage options, and second is the materials used.  The containers are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe as well as certified BPA free.  What this means is that they can be easily organized and kept track of so gone are the days of cluttered drawers and cabinets of mismatched lids and containers, as are the frustrations of lids shrinking or containers warping and no longer being usable.

You can find more info on the project here .


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